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However, very crucial for Kim's investigation of BH are the independent variables of time period and genre/text type.

(I discuss these independent variables in more detail below.) Chapter 4 (“ Variability, Linguistic Change, and Two Types of Changes: A Theoretical Assessment”) moves from method to theory, arguing that a variationist analysis is able both to explain the ambiguous distribution of linguistic data in BH and to accommodate the seemingly irreconcilable opinions of the traditionalists, in whose chronological model linguistic dating possible.

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The chapter concludes with a list of seven points of agreement and (mainly) disagreement between Hurvitz and his followers and the challengers.

Chapter 3 (“ The Variation Analysis of the Hebrew Bible Corpus: The Method”), the second longest chapter in the book, aims to establish the methodological framework of the study.

Kim discusses several of the foundational ideas of sociolinguistics (the discipline dealing with the relationship between language and society) and historical sociolinguistics, such as linguistic variation and variationist analysis, and he explains how he will apply such concepts to the corpus of BH.

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OLD TESTAMENT THEOLOGY: The "OT" bit references historical, literary, cultural issues (the particulars), the "theology" bit references the Big Picture (and why it matters). If you join the list, you not only get to take part in the discussion but also have access to a summary of their main arguments.

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