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To allow each patient the opportunity to have quality time and personal care from the doctor, our in-patient accommodation is restricted to three suites and two single rooms one with air conditioning and one without air conditioning.Treatment is also available on an out-patient basis by prior appointment.We relieve our inpatients from the daily chores of existence, freeing you up to heal yourself and experience the healing process.This is an experience of a lifetime meant for those who care enough about themselves to do what it takes to get well.Patients are seen only by appointment (except for occasional emergencies) so high quality care is possible as the doctor is not under the pressure of time.We treat a wide range of conditions, with special expertise in Neurological & Spinal problems, allergies, gastrointestinal problems, arthritis and autoimmune disorders.The resolution of the symptoms is proof that the correct causes have been diagnosed and correctly tackled.

This is followed by intensive treatment to tackle both the causes and effects of your problems. Hiranandani can help you explore your illness fully, and help you understand the factors which have led to your illness.

Here we aim to help your body heal to a level from where your body's own healing mechanisms take over and allow you to recover.

Patients with complicated problems rarely get the full benefit of the treatment as out-patients.

I conduct therapeutic yoga classes which I direct towards helping each individual to heal and strengthen his weak areas.

The group discussions are a wonderful way to understand diet, your illness and find to peace and happiness in your life.

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If you are planning to take treatment as an out patient please book your appointments in advance.

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