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Neil and I both wanted a casual ceremony hence we decided to get married by my bridesmaid, Selae, and say our vows under a tree.

With a chandelier of course 😉 A fun thing I did was create button badges for everyone.

The gowns and jumpsuit came from Gorgeous Couture and AQAQ.

The bridal party had their titles for all to see incase there was any doubt and guests had the choice of an array of slogans. And I knew that seeing Neil for the first time while I walked down the aisle would have been too much for my waterproof mascara.

From Mean Girls, Clueless and Anchor Man quotes to “B*tch Stole My Look” and “Let’s Take a Selfie” there was something for everyone. So we saw each other for the first time BEFORE the ceremony! We had a big reveal, got the crying out the way and then took photos in the forest next to an old elephant swamp. I would highly recommend this to any couple for a few reasons.

But memories such as these remind you where the essence of your love lies and why you committed yourselves to one another.

Scroll to the bottom to watch our amazing wedding video. I wore Forevermark diamond earrings with a matching rose gold pendant as my engagement ring is also a Forevermark diamond from De Beers. I made a conscious decision to buy a colour and heel height that I would wear again. I had a bit of “dress drama” having not picked “the one” (which I always thought was a ridiculous notion until I discovered that this really is a thing).

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