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The Derry screening was a particular highlight, partly because of the 3m-high mural created in their honour, partly because it contrasted with the first season’s launch.“It was insane, in the nicest way possible,” Coughlan says, speaking a mile a minute.When we first started it I thought it’s so Irish and it’s so specific, but it’s amazing what people relate to.It’s mind-blowing for us, but even more so for Lisa, because it’s her baby.I suppose the theme of growing up is universal.” Leaving aside the nostalgic soundtrack, believable characters and endless harmless insults, that is indeed a key reason for its appeal.

“She still wants to be a writer; she has an inspirational teacher. “We’ll have to see if they commission more first, but is about them being at this very certain point in their life, and you can’t keep them 16 forever,” Mc Gee says. “I took that scene really seriously,” Coughlan says.“We did it at the end of first-week filming, so we were just finding our feet then and didn’t know how it would turn out.“They try to grow up but don’t succeed,” Lisa Mc Gee says.“They’re all very different, so they approach these new situations with their own take. So there’s a few failed attempts at romance, and a couple of moments where it just doesn’t work out for the guys.

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