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However, the couple's romance started long before his acting career took off.After getting discharged from the Marine Corps, Adam auditioned and was accepted into Juilliard."Also, we’ve been using them a lot in this movie I’m in." He sounded a little embarrassed, like being in a movie is so much less cool than being a Marine. He sounds a bit wistful, probably because lately he hasn’t seen the inside of it much.But it was, after all, his second choice of career." as one director put it, in that tone of curiosity and awe Driver tends to inspire. Over the past couple of years, Driver has been in the midst of a transformation, from the most unexpected star of a cult TV show to being "probably one of the most sought-after actors around," says director Shawn Levy, who moved heaven and earth—in the form of the schedules of Jason Bateman and Tina Fey—to cast Driver in the role of the perpetually adolescent younger brother in this month’s Like a cool band, he’s been plucked from hipster Brooklyn and is in the process of being fully mainstreamed, though he still retains his cred: Last night, he was up late shooting scenes for the fourth season of I’m looking at him craning his neck toward the chopper window, this quiet, slightly goofy guy whose Adam’s apple, in profile, sticks out roughly as much as his nose, and Driver doesn’t seem like the world’s most likely movie star.

Best known for playing Adam Sackler on the hit HBO series Girls and Kylo Ren in the 2015 film Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

There were actually THREE male actors at the shoot, [Actor 1, Actor 2, and Actor 3].

The media just assumed that it had to be [Actor 1]. Because the other two actors are supposedly MARRIED.

Now, suddenly, Hollywood is betting he's something better than that: his generation's cure for the cookie-cutter leading man"This is very cool," Adam Driver says as the serene face of the Statue of Liberty comes into view.

We levitate around it for a little while, observing the trails of tourists that scurry, antlike, under Lady Liberty’s skirt.

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