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To some that might seem overly simplistic, but if you start putting actual time-frames on things like this your life will start looking very legalistic rather than Spirit led and Bible saturated.So rather than force yourself to wait to date for three months after every breakup, maybe one breakup will only require a few weeks of recovery time while another may cause you not to date for six months.Far from people thinking you’re weird or damaged or somehow off life’s track if a big relationship ended, it’s often an experience you can share and find that you’re feeling is normalized for yourself. I have been to the mount and I bring you this testimony!If you’ve gone from a long-term relationship you were settled into for the long haul to being suddenly single, it may feel like you can never see that happening ever again.Roughly two years ago, a notable number of the Autostraddle staff and also world at large went through what I now think of as The Summer of Breakups — long-term relationships that everyone had thought would last forever were suddenly turned on their head, including mine. At first it felt like the only other gay single people on earth were 25-year-olds (no offense, 25-year-olds!

In actuality, it probably doesn’t even matter if you started dating someone this month or in three months from now.

Many times people stay connected to their ex and then feel bad about liking someone else so soon because they do not want to hurt their ex.

I don’t think this should factor into your decision.

That everyone else is now in idyllic, perfect and endless relationships or marriages, and you have somehow found yourself the loser in a community game of musical chairs. As someone who left a very long-term relationship — an entire marriage!

Now, a few years down the road, some of it feels very distant (other times it doesn’t, like when my former landlord emailed me this week to find out if he needed to split the security deposit between me and my ex or not. If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, especially if you’re 30 , it’s easy to feel like the world moved on without you while you were taken.

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It all depends on if your heart is ready to move on from a past relationship and begin a new relationship.

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