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“Escort” means any person who, in exchange for any form of pecuniary compensation, contracts with, or offers to enter into a contract with, an escort patron for a date; to socialize with; to consort with; or to visit or accompany to any social affair.

When are we gonna get some new music from you and your bandmates?!

Escort shall not be construed to include persons who provide business or personal services, such as licensed private nurses, aides for the elderly, or handicapped, social secretaries or similar service personnel whose relationship with their patron is characterized by a bona fide contractual relationship having a duration of more than 12 hours and who provide a service not principally characterized as dating or socializing.

Escort shall also not be construed to include persons providing services such as singing telegrams, birthday greetings, or similar activities characterized by appearances in a public place, contracted for by a party other than the person for whom the service is being performed and of a duration not longer than one hour.

After graduation, the sisters forged an alliance with two other women they had met through the Dallas music scene, Laura Lynch and Robin Lynn Macy, forming a bluegrass and country music band, busking and touring the bluegrass festival circuits for six years.

After the departure of Macy, and the replacement of Lynch with singer Natalie Maines, the band widened their musical repertoire and appearance.

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