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The power of chatbots in customer service stems from human smarts and machine intelligence working together, said Digital Genius’s Mikhail Naumov.“Trusting just a bot or just a human to do it is no longer the best way.” The “best way” is to combine the two and let the machine do what the machine does best, paving the way for humans to do the same.In the personalized support experience, humans are not optional—in fact, they are crucial.

Unfortunately, the “bot” was just a poor rep on the other end of a computer screen performing menial tasks.As of October 2016, Sephora Virtual Artist had been used over four million times across 90 million lip shades.The fundamentals of a bot-to-human handover may vary between Simple Logic Tree (SLT) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) chatbots.From 9 to 5, people can monitor several chatbot conversations simultaneously, taking over when chatbots get stumped. ”—a human agent can step in at the right time and then review the archived bot conversation, quickly gleaning the gist of the user’s queries.That’s the sort of Go Butler model most companies would do best to avoid, though it does let reps drift in and out of conversations as needed and handle multiple conversations simultaneously. Chatbots can even tell humans what to say at the handoff via a preset response.

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