Vba screen updating off

It's probably also worth changing the colour that we're using so that we can see when things have changed. This time you won't be able to see the macro carrying out its tasks; once the subroutine has finished the screen will update once at the end to show you the final result.

The Screen Updating property resets at the end of a procedure.

This should certainly be the case as Excel doesn't have to continually redraw the screen each time something changes.

If we want to quantify how much time we've saved we can add some code to create a basic timer system.

What this does (or rather, what it should do - and used to do) is (was?If you thought those were your only options – you were wrong.VBA thankfully allows you to also use another function called Do Events. Seriously, it doesn’t do anything more that handle all MS Office events. You can achieve this by using the Screen Updating property of the Application object.To demonstrate the principle of this technique we'll need a small example procedure that makes lots of visible changes to the Excel workbook.

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