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Everyone keeps asking, “are you looking forward to the move? It might be your job, your kids’ school or even your partner’s workplace. But they would be handy right now and would give me the all important "common ground" with which we establish relationships. Start thinking about the areas you like and don’t like. Complications "We regret to inform you that your shipment is delayed by three weeks, the earliest we can expect arrival of your [worldly possessions] is [five weeks from now]." This is not the email you want to see when you have just found your ideal apartment that is available immediately.The difference a helper can make to an expats life can be quite phenomenal though, especially if you have children.It is the reason that people in Singapore are often willing to come out on a week night at short notice, there’s no need to worry about baby sitters because the helper can look after the kids. Sydney has some pretty good storms, but nothing like here.There is definitely an upside to having a helper if you have children but otherwise I struggle to see the appeal of having live-in help. a cleaner who can visit once a week to clean the house. Apparently the monsoon arrived early last year, which sounds menacing in itself.This also provides much needed income for locals and a helping hand for you. We awoke one morning to the sound of a tree splitting, lightning to rival a Vegas light show and raindrops as big as your head.Most helpers live with the family they work for, quite often in what is called the "bomb shelter" that most homes in Singapore have.It is a 6' by 6' windowless room, usually off the kitchen where there will be a single bed and perhaps some room for a few personal items.

It's about realizing that you’ve packed your favorite pair of shoes and that you need them on Saturday. Usually you can rely on some sort of network to set you up.

One second outside and it’s like you’ve just walked under the Niagara Falls.

If you like air conditioning then living in Singapore will be blissful.

If you are negatively impacted by the heat when you walk outside, i.e. A 5-minute walk to the train station will often mean a change in shirt is required afterwards, a fact worth bearing in mind when you are deciding on your home location and whether or not to have your own vehicle. And then into the main part of the "village" and it’s the same old, same old.

A few fruit stalls in the market and a few trinket stores amongst the usual chain restaurants that are found everywhere in Singapore.

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