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Now whenever the record changes in the form, the subform should refresh itself.

To be honest, your query doesn't make much sense, as it says: "update the Quantity to 5 where the Quantity is 5". Refine your query in Access, and once it works, paste it back to the VBA code.

When you open a Recordset, the first record is current.

Using any of the Move methods (Move First, Move Last, Move Next, or Move Previous) causes an error if the recordset has no records, so you should test this condition before using a Move method.

Before executing it with Run, it is worth taking a look at the affected rows by clicking the View button and selecting Datasheet View.

Then you can go to Access, create a new query, change the view to SQL view, and paste the produced SQL statement.

This displays all the rows from the target table that will be affected by the change.

If, as usually is the case, you use the Move Next in a loop as below this test is done with When you use the Delete method, the Microsoft Access database engine immediately deletes the current record without any warning or prompting.

Deleting a record does not automatically cause the next record to become the current record; to move to the next record you must use the Move Next method.

Recordsets are objects that represent collections (sets) of records.

Recordsets have many methods and properties to make working with the records in the collection easy.

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In this example, we've selected the Order ID fields. Now when you return to the subform properties window, you should see the "Link Child Fields" and "Link Master Fields" properties filled in.

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