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The Quick Finder Indexing process is somewhat slow.Part of the reason for this is that the Quick Finder Indexing thread is a low-priority thread.We uncovered the fact that Quick Finder Indexing was not running.

We do not remove tomcat6 during the upgrade in case you have any programs still using tomcat6.

You should look for a line similar to this: " 446 Quick Finder indexing thread finished" As you move through the log, see if there are any errors on databases, and try and determine the nature of the error, and if perhaps it means that a database is not getting Quick Finder indexed.

This section explained how to determine if Quick Finder Indexing is actually working.

The effect was that over time, the post office would run slower and slower, and particularly at peak times, the POA would respond very poorly.

This document covers the following subjects: The Group Wise message store should be indexed every day.

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