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For things like the NPCs following daily schedules, lets say Bob the builder is at the forge at night, so the player comes to town at 10pm.the game logic will spawn him there as you approach, because thats where he should be according to his schedule..It's a bit of a conceptual leap with some things- I don't think about 'how many pixels should I move each frame', it's 'how much time needs to pass before I move one pixel'.Some particularly fast moving objects might need to be more pragmatic and use 'how much time to move 10 pixels', etc., but it's flexible.Other things can influence the queue- some objects can exist without an task on the queue, but an 'activate' action somewhere can prompt it to add one, or objects can remove themselves from the queue if they get destroyed.

I believe skyrims NPC/etc are motionless or not even spawned until you get within a certain distance of them.

Otherwise when the frame rate of the game changes, the speed of the objects will also change!

Unity has a variable named delta Time Note: Using only delta Time alone may still give stutter at lower framerates or at higher movement speeds.

It also reduces Garbage Collection time (because there are fewer objects) and memory use (because every object has some overhead).

It notably doesn't help if your fields are objects themselves.

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Instead of an Array of Objects, you can use a big Object with Arrays for the fields of all instances.

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