Updating mp3 file info

You can also copy and paste (CTRL C and CTRL V) from other metadata fields to save yourself some typing time.

If you click on a song, you can fix metadata on the left-hand side such as the title, track number, album name, genre, and much more.

Metadata is the information which your music player presents to you when you play the song.

Without metadata, your song may be presented on your player as “ metadata, your song may now say “Bohemian Rhapsody” by “Queen”, and there will be a nice album cover to go with it.

If you use the scroll bar along the bottom, you can see all of the metadata available.

You can also see what information is missing with the gaps in the list.

However, as the name of the program heavily implies, only MP3 files will show and can be changed.

With MP3 files on the way out and m4a and FLAC becoming more popular, MP3tag may eventually become obsolete.

But if you have a big stack of old CD’s cluttering up your house, and you’ve sat and ripped them all to MP3 files, it’s then time to make sure that each song’s metadata is correct.

also supports ID3 tags of version 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4.

To extract information from these tags, pass one of the constants ID3_V2_2, ID3_V2_3 or ID3_V2_4 as the second parameter.

But anyone with a music collection knows the pain of trying to manage a poorly tagged library.

This is why a music tag editor is essential—and MP3tag is the best in the business.

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