Updating garmin 430 gps

Yes, the Bendix/King KPI-553A can display the distance information output from the Garmin GNS-430 BUT only with the use of the Garmin GAD-42 Adapter.

The KPI-553A uses King Serial Data/Clock for its distance information format.

This STC includes appendices detailing the approved equipment that can be interfaced to the WAAS capable units as well as approved installation diagrams for these interfaces.

The upgrade from Garmin includes the necessary updating of the unit, WAAS antenna, and new IFR-W Jeppesen database.

This output only provides VOR/ILS information on the indicator not GPS deviation information. Since the Garmin GPS 400 is the GPS only version of the GNS 430 GPS/Nav/Comm, it only contains the annunciators for message, waypoint, Auto (GPS AUTO mode of operation), OBS (GPS OBS mode of operation), terminal, approach, and integrity (for position error).

Since the GPS 400 does not contain the VOR/LOC/Glideslope portion of the GNS-430, the CDI source select button is omitted as well as the VLOC/GPS annunciator.

It is very important that pilots, aircraft owners and operators ensure installations are performed by skilled, experienced technical personnel to provide the safest flying environment and experience.

There are quite a few changes and issues that need to be addressed in reference to upgrading/modifying a GNS-400/500 series unit to include WAAS capability.

Garmin's dealer agreement states that certain TSO'd products must be installed by the dealer for the factory warranty to be valid. First, the OEM wants to minimize their liability risk by assuring their equipment is installed by factory trained and knowledgeable technicians.GI-102 (no longer available), Garmin GI-102A, GI-106 (no longer available), GI-106A, S-Tec ST-180 HSI, King KI-202, KI-206, KI-208A, KI-209A, KI-525A, KPI-552, KPI-552B, KPI-553, KPI-553A, KPI-553B, Collins 331A-3G HSI, 331A-9G HSI, 331A-6P HSI, Bendix IN-831A, Century NSD-360, NSD-360A , NSD-1000 HSI, Sperry/Honeywell RD-550A, 650 HSI.The following indicators are compatible as well but not mentioned in the installation manual: King KNI-520, Collins/STec IND-350, IND-350A, IND-351, IND-351A, 331H-3G Basically, a non-converter type indicator is required for the VOR/ILS/GPS Indicator interface to the GNS-430/530 Note: The following indicators may be interfaced to the secondary VOR/ILS output of the GNS-430/530 (Connector P4006).The GNS-430 outputs ARINC 429 distance information.The GAD-42 is required with this interface to convert the ARINC 429 Distance Label to the KING Serial Data/Clock Distance information The 14/28 Volt version of the GNS-430 units will work on either 14 or 28 volts.

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