Updating firmware china mp4 players

Also, the AC3 was automatically changed to the proper codec.

Is it possible that this software (AVIConverter Setup 5.0.exe) is created specially to create files that work on mp4 players (without dealing with all of the required parameters)? As pointed out earlier, many of these players have very strict requirements, and the software that comes with is built to meet these requirements exactly. Media Info is another codec reporting app like g-spot.

Here is a website that I was directed to by reading the forums here on videohelp: super duplicate the settings your source/test vdieo is 29.97 fps ntsc your france video is 15 fps test bitrate 2286 france video bitrate 400 test encoded as dvi X france encode avi 1.0 (very basic) with mencoder test resolution 600*352 DVD rip & crop conversion france resolution 128*128 test audio AC3 france audio mp2 ( mpeg1 layer 2 ) not layer 3 your test vid is not going to play nothing matches DL super, and see if you can duplicate the settings used for your video player and maybe you can convert your TEST to the format your player uses i have looked at these things in various store including frys electronics I have a bigger screen and better quality on my cell phones and super does a great job on converting to 3g2 and MP4 for my cellphone and my wifes cellphone and we only have to carry ONE device around instead of two and is Xvid really the encdoing codec..

While I am on the subject of mp4 players, I have found that Google is not very useful for getting info on players sold in China.maybe i'm confused, but i thought if you encoded with mencoder, you would be using mpeg 4 basic codec NOT the xvid variaion we all know that PC codecs play back various iterations/variations of mpeg4, but hardware ( like this ) has very specific needs before it will play something AND this site has a forum dedicated to portable video and this isn't it, i'm surprised this thread hasn't been moved. I installed AVIConverter Setup 5.0(included on the cd provided with the mp4 player). (See screenshot 1) All I had to do was choose: 1) 128x128 resolution 2) source file 3) target file 4) click "convert now" The resulting file played perfectly on the mp4 player. One thing I don't understand is how the software also knew to reduce the fps from 29.97 to 15.good luck, with your conversion Sorry about not posting in the proper sections. I didn't have to do anything with the fps, the software just automatically reduced the fps.In your case it seems to be built around a modified mencoder. I don't understand, what do you mean when you say "I would even doubt that it is really Xvid. While g-spot is very good, it is possible to fake it out and make a video look like it has been encoded as something that it isn't.My daughter received a no-name chinese player that is the same hardware but different firmware to the Samsung T10. These chinese players and software could be producing anything, which is why the results can be difficult to replicate using standard encoding tools. Just replicate those settings with virtualdub and encode to Xvid. If it doesn't play, then it may not be quite as it seems.

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