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Expert's opinion is limited to the information presented, and is to help you consider options; it is not and cannot take the place of a counseling session.By reading this, you agree that none of the experts offering information are liable for actions you or others take.All content including images on this site are intended for Media use only.For historical image resources, please contact the CBC Image Research Library, which has an extensive archive of still photography dating back to the 1950's.You’ve had enough coffee dates to master the art of fake laughing, now come to our show and laugh for real! — — — If you’re dying to share your story write it down anonymously on our confession slips on the night and we will read them out loud so you don’t have to. Fun night for sure 🤣 👍” – Claudia from Prague 🇨🇿 “I only got interested in this show because they speak my language – sarcasm 😎 it was awesome. Or you can submit your #Worst Date Story before the event @ if it makes us giggle we’ll read it at the show, put it on our Instagram and it could even make it into the next volume of our book or online as animation. Ppl with no filter at all telling their stories and its hilarious 🤣🤣 Thank for the laugh guys👍 ” – Helina from Hamburg 🇩🇪 “Funny cuz it’s true! Now you don’t have to settle for stories from your BFF.On TRUE DATING STORIES (8x10), the greatest dating stories ever told are reenacted by performers with all the drama, romance and comedy they deserve.

At Story Party you will hear true dating stories that will make you feel better because, let’s be honest, it could be worse. – Nobubele from Johannesburg 🇿🇦 Definitely a class apart from all the comedy shows or storytelling acts I’ve ever watched! Can’t wait for the next one” – Danyel from Vancouver 🇨🇦 “My cheeks still hurt! ” – Claudia from Boston 🇺🇸 “I haven’t laughed so hard in such a long time 😁😁” – Clare from London 🇬🇧 Had an amazing time on stage! thank you all so much for letting me come up on stage to tell my failed dating stories – Ramond from Singapore 🇸🇬 — — — Frequently Asked Questions — — — IS IT OPEN SEATING? Get your butt there early and your butt gets good seat. And it doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship or single with five cats, everyone will be able to relate.Chapter 1 We had had a lot of fun all afternoon at our local club throwing darts and the wife flirting with our regular friends.

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