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We may be dismissing our bashert without even bothering to meet them, based on a digital photo.

We advocate for practices that are welcoming and inclusive of interfaith couples and families at Jewish organizations nationwide.

With 40 million singles using the platform, Zoosk is without doubt one of America’s leading and most recognizable dating sites.

Much of Zoosk’s popularity rests on its unique approach to online dating.

The current equivalent for this type of behavior can be compared to “surfing the net.” It would seem that the dating sights/sites can alleviate the difficulty of meeting prospective partners, yet it is also fraught with danger if not approached with proper attitudes.

Too many are basing compatibility solely on the “delight to the eyes” and rationalizing that physical attraction is an important ingredient in marriage. Yet, when setting the bar so high and comparing real men and women to plastic and made up ones that we see plastered on ads all around us, we short change ourselves by not allowing the opportunity to get to know someone which often brings out the inner glow and causes us to see a person in a totally different light.

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