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Or is it more like when you're giving a schoolmaster a tour of your house in The Sims 2, and you're trying to keep him impressed so you can get in?TL: It's not just about romantic socials, it's about having fun, both for you and your date, or all the folks in your group.After going to college with the first expansion pack for last year's blockbuster game The Sims 2, EA and Maxis are setting their sights on going downtown with The Sims 2 Nightlife.As with any expansion pack to The Sims, you can expect plenty of new content and objects to play with, as well as new and interesting forms of gameplay.Will you need to work harder to woo a potential partner?Tim Le Tourneau: It's true that experienced players can speed through the relationship game in a couple days, provided all the conditions are right.

Aren't you simply just doing the things you were doing before, like giving lots of hugs and kisses to work your way up to a romantic crush or more?What we've done here is make some aspects of the relationship game easier if the conditions are really right--if the sims are attracted to each other, and the player is focused on making sure a date goes well.With each expansion we add a lot of new gameplay, and that new gameplay takes time out of a sim's limited life span, so we have to find new strategies that allow players to get through parts of the game more quickly so they have time for all the new stuff.The focus in Nightlife is about going out and having a good time, and to facilitate this, the expansion will add cars (so you can zoom downtown faster without having to wait for a cab), tons of new locales, such as dance clubs, bowling alleys, and restaurants (along with the ability, of course, to design your own downtown locales), and a bunch of new social interactions.We were more interested in some of the new dating and social aspects of Nightlife, and senior producer Tim Le Tourneau was once again good enough to indulge our questions. Game Spot: There's more of an emphasis on dating in Nightlife, but what's improved?

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