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There are varying recommendations on when the used multidose vials should be discarded which is why our position paper noted it as an unresolved issue.Everyone would agree that it should be discarded if the sterility of the vial is in question.Some of these are obsolete (such as the apothecaries' units); others remain current.

I looked at the Indiana regs and I couldnt find anything about how long an open bottle can be kept but I did find that the medication must be returned or disposed of within 7 days of a patient no longer needing it.

Capitalization and the use of periods are a matter of style.

In the list, abbreviations in English are capitalized whereas those in Latin are not.

While this is true, there are basic infection control practices that are not followed and/or corners that are cut that put the vial at risk for viral or bacterial contamination.

A: Most would agree that you should limit use of multidose vials whenever possible.

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Those abbreviations which are deprecated by other organizations, such as the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) and the American Medical Association (AMA), are marked in orange. physicians, they are required of organizations who wish accreditation by the Joint Commission.

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