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, a video game in which you play a gay college student jumping into the dating pool.And like real college life the game incorporates erotic content.I bought this game as a joke for one of my friends, and our whole group watched him play while hanging out.Neither he nor I are gay, and only one of our friends is, but the game was funny enough for us to have a good time.(We didn't get super far though, take that as you will)Early spoiler to give an example of the kind of humor: one of the first other dads you meet challenges you to a "bragging about your kid" battle that literally turns into a Pokemon battle.The graphics and music shift to be like Pokemon red and blue and you choose things to brag about like attacks for a Pokemon.Alayna Cole, a scholar of queer video games, told Broadly that this ending was likely meant to be accessed as a Halloween special.Cole says that the ending is bizarre as the game centres around positive portrayals of LGBT people.

There are around 300 games in total that are available for you here including Ninja Yaoi, Pony Milking, Zebras In November and a wide array of other yaoi porn games.

I played a few and had a good time, although some of the gay Flash games here are very basic and one didn't even work for me.

Still, if you look around, you'll find something worth your while: that's a promise!

One of the daddy’s, Joseph, is unmasked as a cult leader who is intent on killing the wives of some dads’.

While the twisted plot has been deemed hilarious and weird by some, many others fear that the character does nothing but paint queer men as predators.

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It's still a game made by the Game Grumps though, so it's still a very humorous game.

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