Taylor swift dating garrett hedlund

The 21-year-old Love Story hitmaker has previously been linked to Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lautner and Joe Jonas.

She was reportedly spotted on a date with Glee star Chord Overstreet back in February (11).

The singer was seen dining with the Country Strong star at a restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee on Friday (01Apr11), according to US Weekly.

Pictures can be misleading as certain angles/shots might make ressemblances show up that aren't quite there.Along with the 5-7 business days for a Mac Book, it says the refurbed white ones will ship out in 30 business days... Or does it mean that they are having severe problems that require 30 days to fix and then ship out?I hope it means that because they will be introducing new MB and MBP, they want to hold the refurbed's so that people won't get mad cuz they are going to cut the prices on the current stock of MB to make room for the new MB Core 2 Duos. My 2.5 year old 12" powerbook still works great, but I want to get an Intel mac, and I already have a Mac Mini, and a G5 i Mac, so my Powerbook will have to go soon. This is a federal pleading so the standard is whether it puts Samsung on notice.Technically, I'm right, you can't "add" 3GS, because 3GS isn't a standard.:p Sigh, you're entirely missing the point of this case.

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Touch Wiz is what you see here, the icons have been made into squares (like the i Phone), there's now a Dock with frequently used apps with a grey background to distinguish it (like the i Phone), it has a black background (meh) but it uses white dots to note the page it's on (like the i Phone).

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