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“I’m reminding you I’ve been with Libby for fourteen years. I married her the month after she graduated from college. So I’m a little rusty on my wooin’ skills.” “Then it’s past time to brush up on ’em, Q. When Libby asked him how he liked the “new” her, Quinn replied honestly: He’d liked the old her just fine.

Spend time just makin’ out and tryin’ to cop a feel in the truck.” Quinn leaned forward. At that point he’d begun to worry, wondering if she’d met a man she was trying to impress. Clichéd phrases, but truisms to lead him in the right direction—the only direction—straight back to her.

My ex was definitely more aloof, but once he was comfortable around me, he opened up some.

The only time I ever really saw emotion from him was if was extremely drunk and then he would get sad and emotional. I have to add that I was my ex's first serious girlfriend.

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We do our best to try and help you find your own answers.But what if they also might have a touch of ambivalence? If he isn't, then he may end up becoming like a bull-in-a-china-shop. My current guy was similar to my ex but he matured and realised the value of communication.If they do, then even if you seem happy, they will only like so much of that before they make a little emotional distance. A little push-pull, nothing too major, still does the right things, but sometimes checks out and I feel a bit like it is to manage how intimate he wants to get. I've found that people tend not to change in some areas until a major life-change comes along and makes them change. It sounds like your a very verbal communicator, and I can say with some confidence you are always going to find it a little difficult dealing with a non verbal strong silent type. His situation is similar in some ways, different in others.I am not good at catching stuff, so that could be an issue.

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She didn’t need any of the superficial junk other girls did.

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