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In that spirit, we’ve put together a list of the seven most surprising statistics about race and online dating.Racial biases are usually negative, but sometimes they involve giving preferential treatment to particular types of people.Overall, they found black men and black women receive significantly fewer I’m-interested ratings than other races do.

” Less than 4% of users in 2014 answered that they think interracial marriage is a bad idea.

By 2014, that number had dropped to around 35% of users.

The blog post concludes, “Answers to match questions have been getting significantly less biased over time.” Side note: The person’s race does influence his or her answer to this question because 85% of non-whites said they’d prefer to date outside their race versus just 65% of white people who said the same.

In 2014, only 10% of users said they’d be willing to entertain a racist date. That same article also showed a steady decline in the number of people who said they would prefer to date someone of their own race.

In 2008, 42% of Ok Cupid users said they’d prefer to keep to their own when dating.

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