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Many commentators, however, identify Raphael with the "angel of the Lord" mentioned in John 5. The hymns of the Office recall the healing power of the archangel and his victory over the demon.This conjecture is base both on the significance of the name and on the healing role attributed to Raphael in the Book of Tobias. The lessons of the first Nocturn and the Antiphons of the entire Office are taken from the Book of Tobias, and the lessons of the second and third Nocturns from the works of St. for the second Nocturn a sermon on Tobias (sermon I on the fifteenth Sunday ), and for the third, a homily on the opening verse of John, v.Although it’s not always the most comfortable conversation topic, religion can matter a lot in the dating scene.For members of the Catholic faith, it can sometimes be difficult to find a partner who shares the same core beliefs and values.The Epistle of the Mass is taken from the twelfth chapter of Tobias, and the Gospel from John 5:1-4, referring to the pool called Probatica, where the multitude of the infirm lay awaiting the moving of the water, for "an angel of the Lord descended at certain times into the pond; and the water was moved.

Any unauthorized use, without prior written consent of Catholic Online is strictly forbidden and prohibited.I found this article kind of interesting because I had no idea the Archangel Raphael was the patron saint of soul mates or of happy encounters, and that Valentine was the patron saint of formed partnerships.For me Raphael has always been the angel of coyote lessons.People who really did turn out to be soulmates, even if at times we soulmates were at each other's throats.That's the thing about real soulmates, it's not about sick syrupy love, it's about relationships which expose you to your own truth.

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