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Finally, before you attempt to convert all your preset collections, the new VST3 Mediabay may not be compatible with some multitimbral soft synths, such as Korg's , where each synth you load may contain dozens, or even hundreds, of its own presets.Choosing your sounds using Mediabay may be the future, but it remains a hugely frustrating one to many musicians at the moment! I've used this on a daily basis ever since, on my general-purpose Windows XP partition, and have been well pleased with its performance under fire.Some have been converted using special scripted automation, but many have been painstakingly converted by hand.Jan Lanter now lists this collection on his web site (https://projects.lanteraudio.nl/d...).'s new preset-management system falls under the PC Notes spotlight this month, as does an update to a recommended spyware-protection utility and an eye-catching yet cost-effective soft synth...

Described as a "Mythospheric Space Synthesizer", it specialises in pads, textures, soundscapes and atmospherics.

The free demo version periodically generates a noise burst, but is bundled with a generous 256 patches.

The full version comes with over 600 patches, plus the ability to load your own SF2-format files into its digital oscillators.

After all, third-party developers are far more interested in you specifically launching their instrument or plug-in for its unique sounds, rather than because one of its presets happens to pop up as part of a list when you search for a 'dark string' sound!

However, there's another limitation that many users are only discovering the hard way: while FXP/FXB preset files could also be saved anywhere you chose, but on the PC the new vstpreset files are always saved in one dedicated VST3 presets folder ('C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\VST3 Presets').

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If you want to download some of these files, don't be tempted to copy them into the VST3 Presets folder in the application folder: this is intended for factory presets only.

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