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So here goes: Site recap Thanks so much to our many members and visitors.We enjoy your feedback, and most of all the 1000s of incredible Comments we get to our articles each year.Overall So far in 2016 Topretirements had over 1.8 million visitors (more…) December 12, 2016 — Baby boomers have finally got to the age where senior centers actually are meant for us… Sadly it is true, the oldest of us baby boomers turned 70 this year and tens of millions are in our 60s. In our Connecticut town there was a proposal to build a new “Senior” Center.The old one was a mess and not big enough for the number of people that wanted to use it.Before you make choices on Tennessee, check out our local business reviews and photos.We also have a question and answer section, created to answer any questions you might have about the great state of Tennessee.Most are classics, definitely worth watching again. (2018) Academy Award winner Helen Mirren (more…) January 3, 2018 — It is always a good exercise to review our most read articles of the year.

Here are our top 10 movies (including 1 TV series) for baby boomers that touch on the topic of retirement. We start our list with more recent movies, then go on to some oldies but goodies.Many people choose Nashville because of all its great suburbs and the housing opportunities there.In the big cities, jobs are available for those people who are qualified.As always, there are at least a few surprise articles that generate more readership and Comments than we expected.Here is our annual review of the best of Topretirements for 2016.

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Fortunately Topretirements’ 10th year was interesting, but not full of upheaval.

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