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I want to share my experience on dealing with one of these.

I hope it will help you recognize these individuals, and get out of the relationship as soon as you see the warning signs.

Just like you, I spent some time on Okcupid, saw some nice people, some crazies, but after another penis picture in my mailbox, I decided that's it, I'm done with online dating.

But minutes later I get this very thoughtful and attentive message from a guy, our conversation got interesting and exciting very fast, we were both studying English Literature, he for a Ph. We met the next day, instant mutual attraction, started dating. Few months later he would talk about getting married, get a house, even picked names for our future children.

All while reassuring me of his love 20 times a day. She warned me to be cautious because these people are not capable of empathy, often serial cheaters, lead double life, and become violent when confronted about heir behavior. I could not imagine my boyfriend being such a monster. In the evening I was packing my things to leave when he came back home and asked me what I'm doing.

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I blocked his number, moved to another apartment so he wouldn't find me.

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