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Yesmmo – join forces with friends, share your stories and discover what’s happening in the games you love. A virtual social network where members get a 3D space in the Onverse virtual world, decorate their homes, cutomize avatars and venture out with friends. Rupture – builds a profile for you based on your game play.Would have been better if the site was designed in a more colorful way. It automatically pull information from many video games.Paysafe is the most ideal method of online payment without using debit or credit card credentials.

Pwned Points may be redeemed for cash, video game consoles, i Pods, video games Raptr – a social platform that automatically updates your gaming status in real-time, so when your friends start playing a game, you will know about it instantly.

Pwned – A Society of Gamers built around finding other gamers who share the same interests as you.

Join the society, customize your profile, pwn others, and more.

After order completion, you will receive a 16 digit pin code with which you can pay at thousands of web shops.

My Paysafecard is similar to owning a personal payment account that is directly linked to your Paysafe card.

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