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We witness prominent men cheat on their wives or girlfriends, or otherwise make evident that they are sexual beings, without such revelations leading to convulsions.

Women who do the same, however, are still pilloried: sluts, whores, tarts, strumpets, harlots, trollops.

SYDNEY, Australia — Slut shaming — that is, turning women’s sexuality into a weapon that can be used against them — may be a new term, but it is an ancient practice in Australia.

The first ship to arrive here after the First Fleet, which brought our earliest settlers, was the Lady Juliana, in 1790, which carried female convicts and is to this day referred to as a “floating brothel.” As recorded by the historian Sian Rees, the passage of these women — many of them former London prostitutes who had been banished to the colonies as penance — exemplified the true burden of slut shaming: its permanence. Rees wrote in “The Floating Brothel: The Extraordinary True Story of an Eighteenth-Century Ship and Its Cargo of Female Convicts,” “that disgraced females found ‘their character is utterly gone, may never be retrieved’, whereas disgraced males ‘after many errors, may reform and be admitted into that same society and meet with a cordial reception as before’ — but there it was, nature’s way.” Today, “nature’s way” abides.

(She was not.) Instead, he has embarked on a media campaign during which he has repeated his innuendos about Ms. Hanson-Young announced in July that she was suing Mr. It’s rare for a journalist to support such a suit — but women in politics have historically had so little recourse against such obscenities that it seems fair.

It’s risible to think that in 2018 a woman’s character can be impugned by suggesting she might have sex. Julia Baird (@bairdjulia), a contributing opinion writer, is a journalist at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Sign up for the weekly Australia Letter, start your day with the Australian Morning Briefing and join us in our Facebook group.

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Husar “executing a Sharon Stone move,” and continuous leaks from her own party to the press about an investigation into her workplace conduct, she announced she would not run again for Parliament. Husar told me the flashing allegation was “1000 percent fabricated” by a complainant who was not even present on the occasion he says it occurred; she pointed out that, given that she’d recently injured her knee and wears only pencil skirts, “it was physically impossible.” Two days after she announced she was leaving, the investigation’s findings were released: There was “merit” to staff complaints of “unreasonable management,” but the allegations of sexual harassment and exposing herself were unfounded. The maelstrom left her reputation “in smithereens,” Ms. She has admitted there were “things she could have done better” but in an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, she said that what brought her political career to an end was “being slut shamed so viciously, with no ability to come back and stand up for myself” that it was “almost a method of torture.” And the general public had only seen the very worst of it: In reality, she said, it began the moment she started working as a politician, with an unnerving stream of rumors about her alleged sexual partners circulated in Parliament by colleagues, both in her party and outside it. Husar demonstrates how quickly anything hinting at her sexuality — whether grounded in truth or not — can crush a woman’s career, the case of another politician, Sarah Hanson-Young, provides a glimmer of hope that women can begin to erode the impact of slut shaming by naming it, condemning it, and discrediting those who seek to stigmatize them by employing it. Hanson-Young, another female politician and single mother, was told to “stop shagging men” by a fellow senator during a parliamentary debate.

The ugly spectacle of disrespect played out over several days. Hanson-Young, 36, a senator for the Greens Party, had been participating in a debate on how to stop violence against women.

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