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Historia de un niño hindú, pobre, con una infancia bastante complicada y con varias desgracias, enamorado de una chica con la que nunca puede estar...ya algo mayor decide presentarse en el programa del quien quiere ser millonario, y curiosamente, gracias a experiencias claves (y algo rebuscadas xd), de su pasado logra contestar correctamente todas las preguntas que le van haciendo (ahí van mostrando los flashback), hasta el punto que llegan a pensar que esta haciendo trampa, porque carajo, como alguien como el podía saber tantas cosas, pero bueno, ahí esta la magia de la peli.Let's be considerate listeners to find the musical secrets behind those enthralling scenes that make it phenomenon international news...! R Rahman's is at fiery best in serenading out the rustic feel of street-side hullabaloo with effervescently racy and pulsating instrumental flows in the introductory track 'O... It's one gem of instrumental works that elates out the classical feel of 'Sitar' in brightest possible ways. A most chartbusting and album's most cherished moments comes with international super-hit track 'Paper Planes' that makes its away in its original version.The track initiates out with serene notes in the prelude and then pompously races up to aggressive 'Sitar' plays that get accompanied with thunderous westernized percussions and rigorous guitar works. This alternative hip-hop number comes out with peculiar political lyricism and can well be workout as consequential background score in the bon-voyage of protagonist as he finds his way out in a journey.

As another reviewer mentions, it would have been nice if not all the answers come up in the same order as his life unfolded but that was obviously to keep a linear story for the viewers.There's action, painful romance, a dash of humour, life in the slums and the underbelly of crime.Everything is neatly packaged and delivered to the viewer. Dev Patel who plays the central character of Jamal is a fine actor.As he does so, we see how Jamal's complicated life as an orphan in India has allowed him to acquire the piecemeal knowledge that enables his success on the show.As Khan's demeanor slowly improves toward Jamal, ours does as well.

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