Single mom by choice dating

I am far from the only lonely person in London, I know that.

In fact, the single parent charity, Gingerbread, acknowledges that loneliness is a problem that its members are faced with.

Once I had mentally and physically healed, I decided to try again with one of my frozen embryos.

This time, the pregnancy was viable and when my son arrived I was far from lonely.

This story is part of Fertility Month, a month-long series covering all aspects of fertility.Here is a selection of the stories from Fertility Month so far - and you can find all Fertility Month content here. Since then, she has become an author, speaker and coach on the subject.I was living with a man I had begun dating shortly after miscarrying, and my mum had come over for the birth.I had colleagues, friends and family rooting for me from near and far.

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I’ve made some friends through the charity’s meet-up groups, and from a romantic perspective, I’ve tried speed dating to combat the loneliness, and have met some lovely guys.

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