Signs i am dating a narcissist

Like a switch, they can turn it on and turn it off, but it’s always to get something from the person they’re schmoozing.#3 No matter what happens, you always feel at fault.As if it isn’t bad enough that they manipulate you, make you feel bad for just about everything, and that everything is your fault, by the time you know what’s going on, you’re so sucked in that it becomes difficult to find your way out.

Regardless of the time you are together, the experiences that you share with them and the closeness that you crave, it always feels as if something is missing or isn’t quite right.

But it’s something entirely different when you don’t even see it coming.

This is why the covert narcissist is a whole new breed of a narcissist.

Not really caring about anyone but themselves, everyone and everything is merely a tool to get what they want in life.

They are not above lying, cheating, or stealing in order to make themselves feel better, more powerful, more admired, or more wealthy.

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