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In that sense, Kusterbeck does sound a lot like Paramore's Hayley Williams, and as a band, Versaemerge do hem a bit too closely at times to Evanescence's goth metal mold to really stand out here.

That said, such songs as "Figure It Out," "Stranger," "Your Own Lov.e.," and "Mythology" do reveal the band's knack for yearning and powerful rock numbers.

I started with Versa towards the beginning of 2008.

I joined right as the original bassist was leaving because he decided to pursue school.

In the post, Ingelido goes on to describe a less-than-ideal situation for the band with their label, Fueled By Ramen (“I was begging for 1000 dollars a month to keep me a float”)—stating that he feels the band were signed and intentionally put on the backburner as to not create competition for one of FBR’s other female-fronted acts, Paramore.

“Many opportunities that were given to Hayley [Williams] were not given to Sierra,” he says.

Yes, the emerge still existed at the duration of me being in the band.

So as you can see its taken me a long time to compose this. For anyone that has known me or met me longer than 5 minutes, you know that from the first second I’m just real, Im me and that’s it.

Drama is usually caused by over zealous people, people that have no lives, or people that are literally just sick in the head. It’s crazy to think it’s been 3 years since performing last with Versa Emerge.

Right In the midst of joining the group we already had some labels contacting us like Rise, Victory.

Your “dream label” per say when you’re an inspiring hard core band or what not back In the day seeing as they were leading that scene with their plethora of bands.

Of course, regardless of the deals , it was never something we personally wanted as the band as we saw the longevity of those bands were very futile and not promising nor could they ever get us to the status we wanted to be in the music scene.

While negotiations were being processed and the band just released the cities built on sand album (which I was not on) keep in mind, the band started facing some tribulation. To be honest, the majority of the band did not see this as a great option.

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