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Winning the Stanley Cup twice has also earned the town a lot of respect, and his parents maintain the home he grew up in because after all, it’s not a point of pride for locals. Well, he’s not married yet but has been in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Kathy Leutner, for over eight years now!

Kathy Leutner is a professional model, appearing in magazines such as Abercrombie & Fitch and Sports Illustrated.

Crosby moved into the estate back in 2010 but then decided a year later to sell it.

Before selling the home, he had to have the purchase approved by the NHL to make sure it wasn’t violating the salary cap agreement Sidney Crosby made when he was drafted.

However, Crosby was able to sell the house in 2011 for about 0,000 more than he purchased for it, which was .4 million at the time.

The high-priced estate was at risk of being overinflated or considered to be a bargain, all of which translates to the NFL player dancing around the salary cap.Even the high school he grew up in now has the Penguin as their mascot!Sidney Crosby grew up in this small town as a prodigy of hockey, according to many of his friends, coaches, and relatives.He’s made a few more accomplishments since then, such as the Hart Memorial Trophy in 2013 and the Ted Lindsay Award (formerly known as the Lester B. As part of the national hockey league and a significant influence on major North American sports, his first time in the draft picks made him one of the most recognizable and popular captains in the North American sports league Crosby has multiple homes to choose from.From the northern fields of Canada’s Nova Scotia to Sewickley, Pennsylvania, Crosby has multiple locations where he can practice his hockey skills and also take the time to relax in the places he loves.

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