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As the defense hammered home, none of the women stormed to the nearest police station or went to a hospital for a rape exam and toxicology test.In fact, the opposite happened: In a near-masochistic twist, most of Marsalis’s dates had contact with him again — behavior that seems too bizarre to be believed, but that psychologists say is actually not uncommon among women raped by someone they know.“Any woman was potential prey,” says Philadelphia special prosecutor Joseph Khan.“Plenty of women were attracted to him, but this guy was aroused by the very idea of nonconsent.” As Leigh drove home that morning, she had no idea what lay in her future: that she would join 9 of those 21 accusers to face Marsalis in Philadelphia courtrooms over the course of two trials, telling nearly identical stories of assault.Of all the rape cases that come across prosecutors’ desks, stranger-rape cases have the best courtroom odds, with 68 percent ending with a conviction or guilty plea.But when a woman knows her assailant briefly (less than 24 hours), a mere 43 percent of cases end in a conviction.

” says retired police sergeant Joanne Archambault, president and training director of Sexual Assault Training and Investigations, also in Addy, Washington, a firm that educates law enforcement about rape.“Juries are extremely resistant.” Until now, it’s been impossible to know exactly how many of these cases collapse in court, because no prosecution data was being collected.But the research and training group End Violence Against Women International in Addy, Washington, just completed a four-year study across eight states and has allowed SELF an exclusive early look at its conclusions.Leigh thought her date was going quite well, right up until the point, she says, when she was drugged and raped.It was her first time meeting Jeffrey Marsalis, a gregarious trauma surgeon who had contacted her through the online dating site

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Anything that falls short of that story is questionable.” Incredibly, that analysis holds true even in a situation as extreme as that of Marsalis.

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