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People talk about their feelings in this one and then there's also abundant slices of smut. But, between mischievous seductions and a tug of war between clans over the mystery of massacre, who will fall and who will stand victorious? The night before he begins his fifth year at Hogwarts, Obito finds a mysterious leatherbound journal in his basement.Nothing in the Shinobi world is won without a price. He quickly learns that this seemingly blank journal is anything but.” “Headmistress Tsunade, on the Hogwarts Express…Kisame Hoshigaki has smuggled a megalodon into the school.”It’s a new year at Hogwarts, and Kisame and Itachi are returning for their final year. Okay, granted I didn't have a plan but still, I don't even LIKE Sasuke!

It’s a little weird.” Or, Uchiha Obito's magical journey to sexual and emotional maturity, as chronicled by an open-minded girlfriend, a sardonic and teasing boyfriend, and the actual Yondaime Hokage who is alive in this story. When a Clan is massacred in the wake of suspicions, Sasuke leaves his boyhood behind; he vows to find the truth and puts everything at risk for vengeance.Ino deserves happiness, fight me, and maybe also something slightly more canon-compliant even though Naru Ino romance and also picking-on-friends-friendship is my wheelhouse. Everyone being obsessed with Team 7's BS and also talking shit about them is also my canon.The whispers follow her, the title Friend-Killer Sakura that follows her every waking moment.The Making of Kingdom Days by Pacthesis on Deviant Art Kaiyume Deviant Art Chrono Days Sim Date Guide and Cheat Codes Pacthesis Games Wonderland Chrono Days Sim Date Guide and Cheat Codes Pacthesis Games Wonderland.A collection of the little glimmers of stories that never made it to these archives before.

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Her lust for blood along with an accident soon brought her to Konohagakure, the "Village of Hope". Placed into the Anbu the moment she stepped into the village, she was denied not only by the villagers but also her "comrades". As she stepped deeper into the world of shinobi, her true nature threatened to explode from under her mask.

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