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I went on my first date with a woman in the '90s, after I got divorced from my husband.

They've made me realize that I can be strong enough to pursue what I want without worrying about what people will think.

Part of this is about standing up to the structure that men have created in our country.

I grew up in a household where my dad's favorite sport was boxing, and I went to a ton of boxing matches where men pummeled each other for money and then ended up with MS or brain damage.

I wasn't clean, so I wasn't really clear on what I was doing or what I wanted.

Now I've had a number of years of being present and clear, and that has changed everything in my life.

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I'm not going to date so many 30-year-olds because there's not enough life experience. There needs to be a little bit more to the relationship. People ask me, "Do you think it's because men were hard on you when you were younger? " I can't really say for sure, because I haven't been dating women for that long.

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