Robert pattinson nikki reed dating 2016

The last thing Twigs wants is a Twilight reunion on her wedding day to remind her of Robert’s ex K-Stew.

Twigs banning Nikki Reed from her wedding could actually be much deeper than her overall hate for Twilight.

Sources say that Rob and Nikki spent much of the time talking to each other, heads bent close together.

Fall plans turned into winter plans and now there are no specific plans, but they still plan on getting married".Meanwhile, it is up to the fans to speculate if Reed and Pattinson would have made a good couple, rather than Stewart and Pattinson.For months, anonymous sources and seemingly shady tabloids have reported that Robert Pattinson is dating Kristen Stewart.Now that Rob has a new partner who Nikki is a huge fan of, Rob wants to be friends with Nikki again.He thinks she’ll be a great supportive friend to Twigs and realizes that the cause of his friendship breakdown with Nikki was because of Kristen ruining things for them.” FKA Twigs has informed Robert that under no circumstances is anyone that used to be friends with Kristen Stewart or from the Twilight franchise attending her wedding, and that list includes Nikki Reed.

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