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Cougar Life is where modern, confident women connect with younger men for fun, exciting relationships.Whether you're a woman who prefers the vigor and sense of fun a younger guy has to offer - or a man who wants to meet sexy cougar singles, we've created a dating website that has just what you're both looking for.A single father in his early thirties would most likely have a better time in a relationship with a busy cougar in her forties who understands the demands of parenting, appreciates flexibility in a relationships, and has her own independent, full life. Our members know, that fulfilling connections happen when both partners see eye to eye on the important things and communicate their needs honestly.Cougars and cubs on Cougar Life share openly about what they are truly looking for, whether it's a fling, a casual date, or something more long term.

An award-winning speaker, Jess has worked with thousands of couples from all corners of the globe to transform their relationships via her wildly successful Marriage As A Business program.

When I was younger, and dating, I was looking for the perfect guy. If dating is like shopping, being “old” and dating is like shopping in the scratch and dent section. Is it solid, or is it compressed fiber that will fall apart the moment it gets messy, or something too heavy is placed on it? I was thinking it was pointless, until suddenly it wasn’t. If I were younger, I’d be writing his name inside countless hearts on my notebooks. I have found something I like, but what I’ve really found is an illustration of what I like – the person may or may not last, but what has been defined for me is very sturdy indeed. Because, as rational as I am about these things, some part of me still longs for the teenage insanity of mad and desperate love with no reason.

Was it returned because, even though it’s pretty, it’s really uncomfortable when you get into it, and the joints are all pokey and don’t allow you to get close? And I found myself rather intertwined with something (someone) surprisingly wonderful in a package that I never would have expected to find it in. As it is, I texted friends and said it’s possible that I might, maybe, be in “like.” That’s grown-up speak. The sexiest thing this guy has said to me (besides, “You know you can get under the covers,”) was, essentially, “I really like you, but I have to be honest that I take things very slowly.” Honesty is so hot! Of being wanted and pursued, like the perfect find in an antique mall.

Sometimes there's as little as a five-year age difference between a cougar and her cub, sometimes it's 20 (or more).

It really doesn't matter as long as everyone knows what they're looking for and what they're getting.

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And way too many emails, but I’m a vigilant vetter. Because, as I suspected, I learned a ton about myself. I know that with a little elbow grease, I may find something perfect that will brighten up a room, and be a perfect fit!

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