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The lyrics had written by Empress Ki scriptwriter Jung Kyung Soon, and composed and produced by the famous music producer Jae Chong (aka Jung Jae-Yoon).

In June Ha Ji Won published a self-produced song here in 2015, you are Zoe, with Heechul ZE: A.

The actress explained “Since I was a little girl, I dreamed of being an actress, and when I was in high school, the agency contacted me after seeing my photo in a photo studio.” She then completed the Bachelor of Film and Television (BFTV) at Dankook University.“She always Listens well and gives me lots of advice,” she told a news conference with Empress Ki.” Ha Ji Won gave me suggestions and Ideas on how to do things differently. She laughs a lot, so the place has always been happy.You wrote the song while working on On Style Go Go with your sister in Grasse, France. In 2012, Ha Ji Won gave lectures on film production in China as part of the CJ CGV Toto’s Workroom cultural exchange program.As part of her contract with the Crocodile fashion brand, Lady Ha brought her “Secret Jeans” line to the market.

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Ha, Ji-won appeared in 2000 in the music video of the first Wax Mother’s Diary song. After a break of eight years, Ha and her teammates started their debut at the 2011 K-Pop Supercup.

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