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2) Being a player and spinning multiple plates is more expensive then prostitutes too!

(unless you target old rich women for money) Just think about that money you put in self development, clothes, travel, club fees, drinks... They marry because they want to connect with a woman but don't know how to keep their independence (mental, spiritual, psychological, legal and physical) in doing so.

But we’re not looking at these larger issues; we’re just pulling out the sex function of marriage, and on that point, the economics couldn’t be clearer.” Barnes says he’s not advocating for men to divorce their wives and find a hooker that they like, but for a man whose main motivation is just to have a regular source of sex, then he might seriously consider just going the prostitution route.

“Or, better yet, get a girlfriend that you don’t have to marry and who doesn’t expect to eat at fancy restaurants every week,” says Barnes.

I'm NOT advocating pay for play, for me it was way too expensive and you know she doesn't even like you.

So, unless you can either find one that’s willing to go the distance without marriage or you’re such a charming guy that you can always have a girl on your arm by the time the weekend rolls around, you might as well go with the paid sex.” Barnes and his team are now looking at whether it makes more sense from a woman’s happiness standpoint to marry a man or just get a lamp they can talk to when they’re not out with their girlfriends.

Back in 2003 Tom Leykis once had a great rant about how being an unmarried man, spinning plates in his mid-twenties to mid-thirties, was as good as it gets.

I’m beginning to think this was more than a bit prophetic.

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High-priced hookers and drug-addicted street walkers weren’t included in the sampling. For marriage, the 20-year price tag comes to $2 million, on average, 10 times more than the roughly $208,000 a man would pay over the same time period for a weekly liaison with prostitutes.

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