Pros and cons of dating an only child

NOTE: Please know my heart is to share my experience in having had children close together to give other mothers an idea of what they’re up against as they evaluate their need for contraception and, if they so choose, for how long to use contraception between attempting to have another child.I’ve had friends not long postpartum realize they could get pregnant again, and so I’ve discussed these issues many times with various people.Instead of being in and out of the baby phase for 10 years, having them close together shortens the time.This may be a con to some, but it was a pro for me.When you have multiple very young children, it is non-negotiable they do what you say.You only have two arms, and if you have more children than arms (and even if you don’t) you need your children to respond to your voice. Those who are wired and gifted differently may have complete opposite views.

The cuddles, kisses, and chubby little thighs make up for in my humble opinion, but the baby phase is all-consuming.

Of course my oldest is more mature and has more developmental skills, but all in all, they can play the same game with each other and both know what’s happening.

With large age gaps, the children might get along well, but don’t actually play together. The children are natural playmates and gravitate towards one another so when emotions are high, conflict can occur. While having obedient children is a pro, getting them to the obedient stage takes nonstop focus.

This may be because they don’t yet have any children and can’t even fathom your decision-making process.

2-3 years between babies is a culturally common spacing, and if you announce you are pregnant it seems less shocking since your youngest isn’t a baby anymore.

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