Php post submit not updating

Here is an example HTML form: makes sure any characters that are special in html are properly encoded so people can't inject HTML tags or Javascript into your page.For the age field, since we know it is a number, we can just convert it to an superglobal, if you do not care about the source of your request data.Remember also that using [] as in index will cause a sequential numeric array to be created once the data is posted, so sometimes it's better to define your indexes explicitly.I know it's a pretty basic thing but I had issues trying to access the $_POST variable on a form submission from my HTML page.This reduces the load on the Internet to reload the entire web page. When we submit the web form, This script will get all argument from the POST.This article will help you to create a web form which will submit without reloading page and do the background processes and return values back to the page. You can customize this script according to your requirement like save values in the database, Email records to Admin etc.The basic concept that is important to understand is that any form element will automatically be available to your PHP scripts.

worth clarifying: POST is not more secure than GET.It took me ages to work out and I couldn't find the help I needed in google. Make sure your input items have the NAME attribute. The name attribute on your input controls is what $_POST uses to index the data and therefore show the results.There's an earlier note here about correctly referencing elements in $_POST which is accurate.Day by day increasing traffic on the Internet and optimizing web experiences, we are committed to improve our web application by providing a better user interface and reduce Internet traffic.In this scenario, This is useful if we submit our web forms without page reload.

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