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Let's imagine you have some kind of server (bare metal or cloud VM) and you are running some mission critical software on it. Actually they are pretty heavyweight and do almost nothing.Usage: iblocklist2ipset generate [options] BLOCKLIST_URL... iblocklist2ipset example_restore_ipset_job [options] IPTABLES_NAME IPSET_PATH iblocklist2ipset example_update_ipset_job [options] IPSET_PATH BLOCKLIST_URL... You heard about blocklists supplied by Blue Tack and wanna use them. iptables actually is a pretty dumb tool for shiny netfilter and it sucks back and forth if you have a lot of rules (linear complexity is WTF in 2014, right? You googled and found amazing ipset tool which integrates with iptables perfectly. Look, basically combination of iptables, ipset and iblocklist2ipset with cron gives you the same features. You do not like botnets or EVIL HACKERS so want to block all of them to have some good feeling of safety. So this tool just converts gzipped P2P lists into something you can give to ipset to restore, right? It is just a firewall after firewall you already have installed.

But every time I do that, the message log in the Servers section says that zero IP filters were added. Is there anything I can do to fix this issue so I can use the .p2b files I downloaded?

I then deleted all the contents of the file, and tried the Gzip version.

It seemed to put some content in the file, but the IP Filter tool still was blank.

iblocklist2ipset -h ipset_to_restore $ head ipset_to_restore create blocklist hash:net family inet hashsize 512 maxelem 536 add blocklist .0/23 add blocklist add blocklist add blocklist add blocklist 1.0/22 add blocklist add blocklist add blocklist add blocklist commands to get some examples of the usage.

I have my Raspberry Pi running some mission critical software (BTSync for example) and I want to use *hijacked* list from IBlock

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