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She has stated that she is of British, Irish, French Canadian, and Iroquois ancestry.Staite's first co-starring role on a television series was as Catalina, the ship's engineer, in the first season of Nickelodeon science fiction television series Space Cases in 1996.Stargate Command is bringing San Diego Comic-Con attendees a table read of scenes from the never-produced script: Stargate Atlantis: Extinction.Joe Mallozzi, scriptwriter; Paul Mc Gillion, Carson Beckett; Jewel Staite, Jennifer Keller; Chris Heyerdahl, Todd the Wraith – and more – will be on hand to read selected scenes, share anecdotes of on Friday, July 19 at PM PT. AAP Members & Legion M members will have RSVP priority.After a disastrous mission, Beckett is brought back to Atlantis with a broken leg – and a bad case of amnesia. Cared for by Doctor Gilbert, Beckett watches as a strange affliction overcomes his friends and colleagues.One by one, members of the Atlantis crew are brought in, unconscious and unresponsive yet with no sign of trauma. And why doesn't anyone want to hear what Carson has to say about it?Jennifer Keller on Sci-Fi Channel's science-fiction television series Stargate Atlantis (2007–2009).Staite also starred as Catalina in Space Cases (1996), as "Becca" Fisher in Flash Forward (1996–1997), as Raquel Westbrook in the Canadian drama The L. Complex (2012) and as Caroline Swift in AMC's crime drama The Killing (2013–2014). The youngest of seven children, she modeled as a child and has acted since age six.

" Doctor Carson Beckett finds himself in an uncomfortable situation when he becomes a patient in his own infirmary.

One of the first was "Layla", another was Julie Arthur, and another was Dorothy "Dot" Rhone, who was reportedly pregnant by Paul, but lost the baby.

His first really public girlfriend after becoming famous was Jane Asher.

This was immediately followed by her role as Rebecca "Becca" Fisher on the 1995–97 Disney Channel series Flash Forward, a series in which Staite was the co-lead with Ben Foster.

She played the recurring role of Heidi Gotts in the television series Wonderfalls in 2004. In the fifth season of Stargate, her character was changed from recurring status to part of the main cast. Keller she previously played the Wraith child Ellia in the Stargate Atlantis episode "Instinct".

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He earns a colossal sum of money from his acting career.

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