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It’s tough to find heavy cooking pans down here, except the really big ones suitable for making for fifty. A popular local objective is to get whatever-it-is cooked and turn off the heat source. We (the mouse in my pocket and the editor in my head) have a few favorite topics.

Fun with Spanish: It’s soooo easy to embarrass yourself when speaking a new language, and often so very funny if you look at life that way.

So, since “Pretty is as Pretty does,” after six months I moved on, to Panamà.

I’ve spent a lot of time in cities over the years and knew that I didn’t want to live in another one, so Panamà City was not an option.

But it has also become prohibitively expensive in the past few years.

Culture shock happens most frequently because things are not necessarily done as you would have them done, and you are emotionally attached to your version.

All of the single people (and married couples) who have made the move are THRIVING in Panama. They report that their social life is better than ever in Panama! She has certainly settled in nicely in Las Tablas Panama in the Azuero Peninsula. She decided not to get health insurance because it is so affordable to get medical care ( for a doctor visit at the Social Security Hospital).

Last month I met with Alice Beth, a 24 year old single woman living in Panama City.

So I’m sharing what I’ve learned about being fit down here, staying well in the tropics, and getting better when you do get sick. All these Secrets of the South can be yours, simply by reading this blog. Panama“Whhoooo,” said the Catepillar to Alice, “arrr yooou? Every one loves to be called “brave.” I didn’t really see myself that way at the time, so it felt like free praise, but I realize now they were probably right.

There are bugs you should not touch, swamps you might not want to visit, places you probably should not go. ”)When I first headed off to Central America in 2011, an older single woman, my friends all told me how brave I was. I’ve always blithely walked into situations my more prudent sisters would probably avoid.

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After you do take a hot shower down here and step out of it just as – or even more – overheated than when you went in (it’s REALLY HOT here in Las Tablas), you begin to truly appreciate the benefits of a cool shower and realize you might not need hot water that badly.

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