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Mc Glamory, 56, befriended the then–15-year-old boy and introduced him to two of her friends, Mark Dennis and Andrew Dennis.

Several weeks later, the two men picked the boy up and took him to their trailer.

The article explained that some female members of the group, who called themselves “masters,” had initiated other women, calling themselves “slaves,” into a ritual of sisterhood at homes in and around Clifton Park, near Albany. One by one, they lay on a massage table while a female osteopath, also a Nxivm member, used a cauterizing pen to brand the flesh near their pelvic bone.

ne winter morning in a conventional suburb outside Albany, N.

Y., Nancy Salzman, the 63-year-old president of a self-improvement company named Nxivm, sat on a mahogany-colored stool in her kitchen.

The two boys were living in the trailer with four men — Mark Earl Dennis, 52, Andrew Barry Dennis, 45, Curtis Lee Gruwell, 34, and Michael Wayne Schwartz, 51.

Police said that Mark Dennis falsely claimed to be the 16-year-old boy’s biological father. Investigators believe that in April 2017, the teen from Marion County had expressed unhappiness at his home to a family acquaintance, Eleanor Faye Mc Glamory.

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