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If your friends are all taking part, it can be hard to say no. And you have the right to decide what you want to do. If your friends are calling someone names, putting them down, or doing anything to deliberately make someone else feel bad, then this is bullying.If you're being pressured into bullying someone, it can be really difficult to be able to say no.It might be part of other abuse which is taking place offline, like bullying or grooming. Cyberbullying or online bullying is any type of bullying that happens online.Unlike bullying that takes place offline, online bullying can follow the child wherever they go and it can sometimes feel like there's no escape or safe space.It gives you loads of ways to respond before the situation gets out of control.

It's normal to not feel happy about parts of yourself. If you don't feel comfortable or ready to have sex with someone, then you shouldn't feel like you have to do it.But feeling happy about yourself doesn't only come from your physical appearance (although this is important). Working on ways to build self-esteem can help you to see the things you like about yourself. And if you aren't ready to send sexual messages or images to someone, then you have the right to say that you're not comfortable with this.If someone's pressuring you to send them sexual messages and you don't know what to say, download our Zipit app.Sometimes it's hard to see how a dare or a prank might affect you and your life ahead. Sometimes it can feel like you have to do what they tell you to in order to be accepted. It's not okay for friends to pressure you like this. You could explain that you're going to pay for something instead of stealing it. Try not to judge them By respecting their choices, they should respect yours. Spend time with friends who can say 'no'It takes confidence to say no to your friends.You could try seeing how your other friends stand up to peer pressure and you can try this too. Suggest something else to do If you don't feel comfortable doing what your friends are doing, why not suggest something you could do instead.

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