Online dating scammers revealed radiocarbon dating 101

The Agent will take several current photos and verify that the individual’s state issued ID matches the name provided and complete a We Go Look Report.

The We Go Look report is available to the customer generally within 72 hours and pricing starts at .

You may also receive emails in your inbox with strange, unsolicited business proposals, perhaps asking you for help moving money in or out of Nigeria.

Money that was over-invoiced, or left in a will unclaimed.

There is usually a promise that they will one day visit their country.

3) Advanced Fee Fraud (AFF) Here is what typically happens with AFF fraud: You are approached on your online dating site by somebody from abroad, or who claims to live in the UK but work abroad - usually Nigeria, but also quite often countries such as Ghana, Ivory Coast, and other west African countries.

And if (s)he really is too good to be true, they will have nothing to hide when you add the extra assurance to your new found relationship.

Authorities apprehended a total of 1,310 suspects, each of whom could approach up to 1,500 victims per month.

Often they claim to be soldiers posted overseas in war zones such as Afghanistan, Iraq.

You are befriended, over time, and trust is built between you and the scammer The scammer reveals their need for money for some plausible-sounding reason and makes you believe you're the only one in a position to pay it. You never hear from them again, or worse, you are asked for more, and more, and more money.

Eventually, the scammer will request their online date sends or wires them money.

Generally the online date will tell the victim a sob story about their financial situation.

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  1. As officers continued the investigation, they were able to identify 55-year-old Donald Case, of Kamuela, as the responsible person of the burglary. 22, he was arrested and charged for one count of burglary. Anyone with information regarding this investigation is asked to call Officer Edward Lewis of the Area II Special Enforcement Unit at 887-3080.